Feb. 13, 2021, noon


Program Description

How many of us imagine different crazy incidents happening around us? What incredible things keep happening around us in the labs? How many times have we wanted to put these stories into our diaries? Let’s write it now! There are going to be three groups in this competitive event where you can write your stories.

Last Submission Date: Feb. 2, 2021, midnight


  • Group A: The story should be based on real life experience one might have come across while working in a laboratory or any other scientific field.
  • Group B: Any science-fiction related to biological science.
  • Group C: Any untold life stories about scientists who made contributions to life sciences. Uncommon stories will be preferred.
  • Rules:
  • If plagiarism is detected, the contestant will be disqualified.
  • For Group B, the sources of the ideas must be mentioned.
  • Each story should be within 1000 words.
  • Each participant can take part in any of the groups or all three of them (Different submission is required for participation in multiple groups)

Winners of this program