Feb. 13, 2021, 8 p.m.

Biotech Hackathon

Program Description

The passionate biotechnologists who try to reach the root of a problem and find a way out, brace yourselves because this competition is for you people. This event will be a feast for your hungry problem solver brain.

Last Submission Date: Feb. 14, 2021, 8 p.m.


  • This event is divided into two groups and the participants will be given 24 hours to solve 2 case problems.
  • The cases will be provided with an email during the event date.
  • The participant will have to submit the solutions to the cases through the provided google form in the email.
  • Only single participant can participate in Biotech Hackathon.
  • Group A: Undergraduate students
  • Group B: Graduate and Post-graduate students

Winners of this program