Feb. 15, 2021, midnight

Business Idea Presentation

Program Description

From new techniques to improve forensic biotechnology to gene therapy to industrial inoculum. The vast range of topics is kept open so that your ideas are not limited. Go wild and venture!

Last Submission Date: Feb. 15, 2021, 8 p.m.


  • ROUND 1
  • Abstract in 200 words which contains a short introduction explaining the idea should be submitted for round 1.
  • The idea must be authentic and any type of copying would result in disqualification.
  • It must be logically and technically sound, achievable by today's technology, and be able to be commercialized and grown into a company or organization.
  • The selected participants from round 1 will be emailed with a google form on event date for round 2.
  • Deadline for submission: 2nd February, 2021
  • ROUND 2
  • The selected participants will have to upload video presentation using the google form link provided in the email within 120 hours.
  • Participants can participate in this competition with 3 max group members but the presenting author must register in the symposium.
  • Rules for video preparation:
  • Video should be 5 minutes in length.
  • Slides and face should be visible like formal presentation.
  • Slide format should maintain the standard of any formal presentation.
  • Video should be uploaded in a google drive and link (accessible to everyone) should be attached to the provided google form.
  • Start time for round 2: 10th February, 8 PM BST (UTC+6)

Winners of this program