Feb. 13, 2021, noon


Program Description

In nature, various events are occurring which cannot be seen by our bare eyes. So in this segment, the participants will show how they see nature through the minuscule Vantagepoint. In this event, the participants should submit pictures of their microscopic observations.

Last Submission Date: Feb. 2, 2021, midnight


  • The pictures are to be taken from microscopic observations.
  • One participant should post one picture only.
  • The participant should mention the name of the magnified object.
  • The magnification (e.g. ✕400) value used during the observation may be mentioned. (Optional)
  • The name of the microscope, e.g. the brand and model can be mentioned. (Optional)
  • The participant can add an acknowledgement if they wish to.
  • The pictures should be uploaded as jpg. format.

Winners of this program