Feb. 13, 2021, noon

Planchette Performance of Bio

Program Description

Right now, if we could bring Gregor Johann Mendel to earth again! What if we hear the story of his discovery directly from him? So, competitors in this segment, have to call the soul of the scientist. Through acting, they have to tell the feelings of the scientist, the story of their discovery, and the unspoken words of scientists about biotechnology.

Last Submission Date: Feb. 2, 2021, midnight


  • Single contestant can participate in this competition.
  • Contestants have to a record video of maximum 6 minutes.
  • They have to dress up according to the characters they are portraying in the competition.
  • A contestant can play a maximum of three characters.
  • Background music can be added for video editing.
  • The contestants can act in any language like Bengali or English.
  • Biotechnology-related characters will be preferred.
  • Contestant will have to upload the video in drive and attach the link to the option provided below (the drive link has to be accessible to everyone).

Winners of this program